How to Prep for Predictive Analytics

Join Resultant Data Scientist Dr. J. Kyle Roberts as he walks through how to tackle data cleaning in preparation for predictive analytics.

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What You'll Learn

Questions to ask when getting ready for advanced data analytics . . .

  • What does my data need to look like before I start predictive analytics?
  • What are some of the pitfalls of just throwing all of my data into an analysis without cleaning first?

This webinar gives you all the answers you'll need when it comes to preparing for advanced data analytics.


Meet the Speaker

Kyle Roberts

Data Scientist at Resultant

Kyle has held several professorial positions at Southern Methodist University, Baylor College of Medicine, and the University of North Texas. Kyle co-authored the that package in R programming language. Additionally, Kyle is an expert in Multilevel Modeling and co-authored "The Handbook of Advanced Multilevel Analysis."

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