Forecasting: What Every Executive Should Know

Join us as we interview Henk De Metsenaere, chief executive officer and co-founder of Tangent Works, for a discussion on forecasting and how organizations are gaining a competitive advantage with better tools and methods.

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What You'll Learn

Building the Modern Competitive Advantage with Forecasting

In this session we discuss:

  • The changes that are happening in demand and supply-side forecasting
  • How organizations are tackling their forecasting challenges
  • How Instant Machine Language is changing everything

Learn more about Henk and Tangent Works below.


Meet the Speaker

Henk De Metsenaere

CEO and Co-Founder of Tangent Works

Henk is responsible for the Strategy, Sales, Marketing, and channel development of Tangent Works solutions. Henk has held previous roles at Siemens Automation, Sun Microsystems, and SAP. In addition, he was the founder of Inxites and a board member at Limecraft.

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