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Cut through day-to-day IT complexity, elevate efficiency, and boost business growth with our IT company in Indianapolis.


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Upgrade Your IT with Our Indianapolis IT Company Trusted by 200+ Businesses

Make IT nightmares a thing of the past by choosing Resultant for all your information technology needs.

Why choose Resultant as your IT Company in Indianapolis?

  • Eliminate IT complexity with support from a team of certified professionals and a company with 15+ years of IT experience.
  • Say goodbye to slow responses; experience issue resolution in just 20 minutes, on average.
  • Transition IT problems to solutions quickly with our swift 2- to 4-week onboarding process.
  • Avoid downtime with our 24/7 monitoring support, keeping your IT systems reliably up and running.
  • Direct your IT strategy toward success by leveraging the specialized knowledge & skills of our vCIOs.

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Businesses trust our IT company


IT Company in Indianapolis

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Our IT Company Service Offerings

Managed IT Services

End day-to-day IT management struggles. Our range of services includes full-scale digital transformation tailored to align with your long-term business goals.

IT Help Desk

Experience rapid and responsive IT helpdesk support, swiftly addressing software challenges to enhance productivity with effective problem resolution.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Secure your data with our robust backup and disaster recovery services to protect against loss and maintain business continuity.

Cloud Consultancy

Strategize with our vCIO services, offering over 10 years of industry expertise for tailored IT roadmaps and solutions aligning with your business goals.

Network Support

Maintain and enhance your IT network with our dedicated and reliable support. Our services ensure stable, secure, fast connections for greater efficiency.


Combat digital threats with our robust cybersecurity services, including ransomware protection, threat intelligence, and comprehensive vulnerability management.

IT Consulting

Our vCIOs and IT consultants provide strategic IT consulting with custom roadmaps, meticulous budgeting, and valuable guidance to align with your business goals.

IT Procurement

Optimize IT procurement with us for top technology solutions at a great value, covering a comprehensive range of services tailored to your specific needs.

IT Outsourcing

Leverage our efficient IT outsourcing with our skilled project management team to handle daily tasks and free you to focus on core business activities.

How You’ll Benefit from a Partnership with Resultant

IT Company in Indianapolis

Seamless Onboarding, Guaranteed Success

Experience a smooth transition into our ecosystem, setting the stage for long-term IT success.

With Resultant, the complexity of integrating new technologies becomes a seamless journey.

Tailored onboarding, reflecting a deep understanding of unique hardware and software needs, paves the way for robust cybersecurity and a strategic IT roadmap.

Experience a significant reduction in implementation times as we complete onboarding within 2-4 weeks, preventing business disruption.

IT Company in Indianapolis

Expert On-Site Technical Expertise

Resolve IT challenges swiftly with Resultant’s on-site support.

Our dedicated field teams and extensive network of support partnerships mean expert assistance is always at hand, eliminating the need to seek local integrators.

This service ensures your IT infrastructure remains robust and responsive.

Benefit from decreased downtime and increased efficiency, ensuring your IT challenges are addressed promptly and effectively to keep operations smooth and uninterrupted.

IT Is Not a Maze When You Have the Right Guide

Join the ranks of 200+ companies thriving under our more than 15-year legacy.

Indianapolis IT Company

Unparalleled Service Desk Efficiency

Gain clarity and confidence with our transparent service desk guidelines.

Resultant’s commitment to excellence is evident in our meticulously crafted Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

These agreements provide a clear outline of response times and scope, ensuring issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

You’ll see a notable increase in issue resolution efficiency, with a 30-50% rise in first contact resolution—a testament to our dedication to service excellence.

IT Company in Indianapolis Indiana

Data Mastery for Insightful Decision-Making

Transform data into a strategic asset with Resultant’s advanced data analytics solutions.

From developing comprehensive data strategies to tackling data silos, our approach ensures seamless integration of diverse data sources and insightful business intelligence.

Our approach moves you from intuition-based decisions to a data-driven framework, preparing your organization for future challenges.

Through predictive analytics and BI tools, we offer not just data integration but actionable insights.

Experience a marked improvement in decision-making efficiency and accuracy so you can anticipate and navigate market dynamics proactively.

Frequently Asked Questions About our IT Company

Our IT services company prioritizes bespoke solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Unlike a one-size-fits-all approach, we delve deep into understanding your business, ensuring our IT solutions align perfectly with your goals.

This personalized approach, combined with our commitment to cutting-edge technology, sets us apart and ensures your IT infrastructure is not just functional but future-ready.

Our IT company employs a multi-layered approach to data security, incorporating the latest in cybersecurity technologies and best practices.

From regular risk assessments to proactive threat detection and response, we ensure your data is safeguarded against evolving threats.

Our team’s continuous training in cybersecurity keeps your business secure and compliant with industry standards.

Our IT company provides comprehensive technical, strategic, and operational support. We offer round-the-clock assistance, ensuring any IT issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

Our dedicated team is always ready to provide expert advice and hands-on support, guaranteeing minimal downtime and optimal performance of your IT systems.

In IT emergencies, our rapid response team swings into action immediately.

We prioritize quick resolution to minimize downtime and potential business impact. Our emergency protocols include swift identification of issues, deploying the right resources for resolution, and post-incident analysis to prevent future occurrences.

Rest assured, our team is equipped to handle any IT crisis efficiently.

Understanding that each industry has unique IT challenges and requirements, we offer customized IT solutions.

Our experts, with their deep industry knowledge, craft strategies and implement technologies that align with your specific industry standards and regulations.

This tailored approach ensures that your IT infrastructure supports your industry-specific workflows and objectives optimally.