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Objective oversight for projects that work.

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Objective oversight from knowledgeable partners means fewer issues and quicker resolution to those that arise.

In a perfect world, faulty ideas would never get the chance to derail operations or upend budgets. In this one, projects fail for all kinds of reasons, but those that stand up to rigorous evaluation before kickoff cut risk and accomplish desired outcomes. Project oversight and assurance shines a light on risks and obstacles so that you can chart an effective roadmap to implementation—and meaningful change.

Whether you bring in Resultant at the start of a project or when it has lost its way, our Project Delivery team works from a very human starting point. They probe to uncover end-user needs and then rigorously assess project viability to detail the way forward—clarifying scope, defining processes, setting benchmarks, and identifying accountable parties. It’s a proactive approach that minimizes issues and helps you get smoothly from where you are now to the outcomes you want.

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Why Independent Verification and Validation Matters for Technology and Data Projects

We set a deadline thirteen months out. It not only had to be a specific day but a specific morning, and it had to be orchestrated from day one. We hit it that morning. That is impressive. It was a big milestone for our team, and Resultant played a critical role in ensuring it happened.

Steve Elliott

Former Chief Information Officer,   State of Indiana Department of Workforce Development

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What We Do

Our meticulous attention to project delivery leaves no detail to chance and connects each of them to what people need to reach great outcomes.

Our philosophy, regardless of project or industry, is driven by staying attuned to the human element behind the Gannt charts, tasks, and timelines. We relate to the needs and desires of the teams involved so that we can support them through project challenges, help find alignment as change occurs, and bring the outcomes they want.

We integrate into the way your organization works to become earnest partners in your success. Your problems are our problems, and we bring the full breadth of our technical expertise to solving them.

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Project Deliverables

The details of every project are different, but our approach is the same: outcomes-oriented, meticulous, proactive. We rely on extensive expertise and PMBOK methodologies, delivered through a collaborative team with experience in your policy area. And we don’t call your project a success until it has brought your desired outcomes.

Project Strategy

When we’re engaged from project kickoff, we delve into a deep discovery phase to help you identify key metrics and milestones, determine workstreams and accountability, and ensure viability. We collaborate with you to mitigate risk and to create a unified vision that supports success within a complex environment.

Communication Plan

A comprehensive communication plan includes stakeholders from every level of the organization, including end users and vendors. Your plan might include tactical meetings and consolidated status reporting at the project workstream level, which roll up to a leadership update and an executive scorecard. Town hall meetings keep your team up to date on important project happenings and ensure the project management and staff-level resources are aligned on objectives.

Scope Management

Careful scope management keeps details from escaping and costs from ballooning through meticulous planning and monitoring. We work with you to define a thorough statement of scope driven by project requirements and a thorough understanding of end-user needs defined through focus groups, interviews, and other activities. A dedicated scope management workstream addresses document tracking and project changes to avoid scope creep, through testing documentation and a final audit.

Change Management

An organizational change management program addresses the human side of technology changes to ensure the best return on your investment, working alongside our data, technology, and project delivery specialists to minimize disruption and create lasting, positive transformation. We work through reliable processes to help you prepare for, manage, and reinforce change.

Issue Management

The issues themselves are unpredictable, but having a clear methodology for addressing them reduces impact. Project issues identified and raised through workstream leads are tracked, prioritized, and mitigated in weekly management work sessions. We help you establish an escalation process for issues that require leadership or vendor support for additional resolution.

Testing Management

In addition to thorough analysis of current defects, we employ a rigorous process to improve testing management, report defects, and determine resolution steps. To give stakeholders a clear and thorough understanding of the current state, history, and status of defects, we develop dashboards based on reporting priorities. You get important data about processes that hinder your outcomes, and we provide recommendations for resolution.

Documentation Management

We design your documentation management approach to keep your project progressing efficiently and serve your agency most effectively after transition to the internal team. All documents are housed in a central location according to top-level phase and categorized by when they’ll be used. We work to ensure your team has an easy-to-use reference library that’s consistent and comprehensive.

Project Recovery Services

While our teams excel at project delivery operations when brought in before a project even begins, we also know that projects don’t always work out, and plans can sometimes go awry. Our Project Turnaround and Independent Verification and Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services can help when your current project isn’t turning out how you expected in terms of cost overruns, delays, or execution issues.

Project Turnaround

Our approach to project turnaround is holistic and revolves around helping manage the intersection of your people, processes, and technology with a focus on communication and collaboration. This means making sure your entire team and all your vendors are in alignment. We bring an unbiased, outside perspective to your situation, giving you insight into your performance that we can use to create a roadmap designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is our third-party oversight service for evaluating complex projects in public and private sector organizations. Our team starts the process by getting a deep understanding of your project’s unique circumstances, including the vendors, people, processes, and technologies. This gives us a clear picture of where your project is headed—and helps us develop ways to make it more efficient.

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Related Services

Your projects go further with these and other services.

  • Organizational Change Management

    Ever completed an upgrade nobody wanted to use? A well-considered plan paired with effective strategies to build trust, create alignment, and address conflicts ensures projects find success and are embraced.

  • Process Mapping

    Outdated processes, duplicative efforts, and underutilized technology hold back progress while frustrating teams and customers. Process mapping gives you the insight you need into how your systems and people interact now—and how they could function better. 

  • Solution Implementation

    Too many of the best-laid technology and data plans fall apart at the implementation stage. True digital transformation is achieved by careful implementation that integrates a solution into your organization so it’s embraced by your teams.

  • Leadership Alignment

    Without buy-in at every level, projects fail. We help align leadership behind the value of your data or technology project so that it starts off right and work with you to maintain alignment even when obstacles arise.

  • Data Governance

    Data holds no value until it’s consistent and accurate. Find the strategies that let you safely share and utilize data to support your organization’s goals, break down silos, and solve problems.

  • Technology Strategy and Planning

    Technology that doesn’t align with your organization’s goals and with how your teams work inhibits progress and leaves you open to risk. Find your just-right solution—and a prioritized roadmap for achieving it—with a team that delves deeply into your organization to support your strategy.


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