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Gain Lasting Benefits from Cloud Consulting

Technology moves fast. Your business has to move with it. Your IT needs to be flexible, scalable, and beyond efficient to keep up. Cloud computing solutions are part of the answer to most of the technology challenges companies face today—the other part is the right partner.

If you’ve been thinking about making the move to the cloud, it’s time. And if you’ve made the move and aren’t happy with the results, it’s time for a trusted partner who puts your needs first.

Cloud platform options are plentiful enough to be overwhelming. Choosing between Amazon, Microsoft, and Google would be enough, but that’s not the complete list. Without expert insight into the specifics and nuances of each, you may end up with one that doesn’t meet your organization’s needs. In fact, you may already have one that’s falling short.

With a trusted partner managing and guiding implementation, you won’t end up with a cloud solution that causes more issues while trying to solve the original ones. Our cloud consulting services will help you choose and implement solutions that serve your business now and set you up for success in the future.

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing facilitates secure, remote access to system files and features from anywhere your team needs to be.

We’re all digging into data to do our work better. The increased complexity that comes along with more data makes it impractical to keep all your organization’s systems, information, and apps based on in-house servers. Not only do on-prem systems require more maintenance to stay running smoothly, they’re also more expensive. Some organizations stop short of a company-wide cloud transition, fearing compromised security and accessibility and worrying about the downtime incurred from a shift. Often, they end up using multiple cloud-based applications instead for specific individuals, which can open worse vulnerabilities. We welcome all your worries and concerns. We’ll tailor your solution and our approach to give you nothing to fear. With our strategies and guidance, we ensure you get the most from your cloud-based applications and systems.


Cloud-based servers save organizations money overall, and many see ROI sooner than expected. Team members realize increased efficiency and productivity with streamlined, secure access to the information and systems they need when they need them—wherever they’re working. We customize plans and strategies to meet your unique needs, working with you to build solutions together.


What if the data you already have could spark transformational improvements and growth for your company? Cloud computing solutions make it easier to access and analyze data for insights that would otherwise slip through the cracks. Technology advances will keep bringing more data your way; without a strategy, it gets unwieldly fast. We can help you uncover insights and build an efficient, effective, goal-aligned long-term business strategy.


How secure is the cloud, really? Very—especially with a proactive partner. Cloud computing systems are more secure than fully on-prem systems because they’re more up-to-date, and the cloud host constantly monitors the system to keep it secure. Cloud-based infrastructure is easier to protect, and your organization will be able to meet ever-changing security and government compliance requirements faster.

Disaster Recovery and Prevention of Loss

Disaster can strike at any time. IT infrastructures without secure monitoring and maintenance are the most vulnerable, and attacks damage productivity, revenue, and reputation. Cloud computing is less vulnerable to begin with and offers faster recovery in the event of an incident—which could be the difference that enables your company to emerge on the other side. When your data doesn’t completely reside in an on-prem system, you don’t have to worry about flood, fire, physical deterioration, mechanical malfunction, or operator error that could wipe it all out.

What We Do

Cloud Computing Improves Businesses and Organizations

Smart organizations utilize multiple resources to operate in their peak state. When you partner with our team of cloud consultants, we work alongside you to identify all organizational challenges and needs that can be solved, streamlined, or improved with a full or partial cloud migration.

Our solutions teams plan and implement an IT strategy built around your cloud needs, assisting in system integration for a smooth cloud migration and advising how your organization can optimize for superior outcomes.

The cloud is your organization’s lifeline, securely giving the right people the right access at the right time. We’re experts at organizational change management and facilitate a smooth transition to the cloud and company-wide adoption.

Getting Started

Align your systems with modern processes and proactive strategy with Resultant’s cloud consulting services.

We start by assessing your business operation, digging into what your teams are like, how they prefer to work, and what your growth plan is. With the foundational understanding of where you are now and where you want to go, we’ll collaborate with you to tailor-make the exact right solution for your business.

Our cloud consulting services include identifying gaps and problem-solving to help your organization take full advantage of the cloud. Our team has certified specialists in whichever cloud platforms you’re most comfortable with so we can offer our expertise across all technology frameworks and installations.

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