Top 6 Benefits of Our Managed IT Services Atlanta

Managed IT services can help your organization soar.

Most internal IT teams can’t keep up with constant, fast-paced changes in technology while also managing the needs of their organization. With new innovations released practically every moment, teams trying to persevere in smaller to medium-sized businesses are especially challenged by the limitations to their workforce and resources.

If you haven’t considered outsourcing IT services, think again. There are many benefits to managed IT services that far surpass just the time and money you could save.

What Are Managed IT Services?

Never heard of managed IT services, or are unclear what it really all means? We've got you covered. Managed services provide you with a fully dedicated, third-party IT department at your fingertips. Offering 24/7/365 support, this IT team makes their resources available whenever you need them. You can relieve your internal IT team of the burden of trying to fix every issue at the speed of light while all the while staying on top of new technology developments. There is no time wasted when something goes awry; whether it's a minor computer breakdown, a data breach, or cloud computing maintenance, managed IT services can take care of issues and keep you up and running full speed ahead.

Top Benefits of Managed IT Services

When you outsource your IT services, your business gains more room to grow. Many benefits extend throughout your entire business, from the budget to the day-to-day efficiency of your employees. The following are some of the top benefits of managed IT services that you should weigh when considering whether to outsource your operational IT needs.

1. Cost Control

It can be hard to imagine that outsourcing the services that an entire department originally existed to provide could lower costs, but it's true. Labor costs are decreased in part because your team won’t be going into overtime to address issues and can instead focus on strategic initiatives. You also won't need to hire or train new IT staff every time new technology is necessary. Managed IT services mean the skills needed are always available and scalable. You don’t have to worry about unexpected service costs since you pay a flat fee for only the IT services you need. You'll be able to budget better and you'll likely save money which can go back into the business to keep it thriving and growing.

2. No Wasted Time

In life, time is precious. In business, time is money. The last thing you need is to have a member of the C-suite stop what they're doing to fix a computer glitch or not be able to complete a report because the data needed was compromised or entirely eliminated in a recent data breach. When your internal IT department can’t keep up with and stay on top of everything that’s happening, it can result in you and your teams having to take time away from their day-to-day operations and workflow. An outsourced managed IT team at your service takes care of everything so you don't have to. Your employees won’t spin their wheels trying to fix things because your managed IT services team has a proactive plan in place to minimize any down time.

3. Increased Efficiency

A managed IT department performs proper maintenance to ensure your devices are kept humming along smoothly, always running the latest software versions. When devices are up to date, they’re running and working as efficiently as possible. When your technology works efficiently, your employees work more efficiently.

4. Security

Managed IT services include cybersecurity monitoring and disaster and recovery services when needed. The reality is that security threats are relentless, constantly growing and evolving. If there were to be a breach, your business could be left dealing with some major financial and reputational damage. A managed IT team will not only offer disaster and recovery if something were to occur but will proactively develop cyber threat mitigation strategies. These strategies will ensure regulatory compliance and keep breaches from derailing progress.

5. Better Reliability

Everyone feels better when they have reliability in their lives. You feel better stepping out into the sun on a hot Atlanta summer day when you’re confident your air conditioning will be working when you step back inside. Just like you feel better with that reliability backing you up, so do your customers when they have confidence that you’ll deliver what you’ve promised. When customers know that your services and technology are reliable, they're more likely to continue coming back to you. Managed IT services offer better reliability, allowing your customers to feel they can depend on you.

6. Goals Achieved

Your business goals are your top priority. As you achieve your goals and business grows, your IT team needs to scale and develop, too. But when workload increases, internal IT teams may begin to fall behind because demand outpaces available resources. With managed IT services, you don't have to worry about IT not scaling with business growth.

Getting Started

When there is no worry about whether your IT department can keep up, you and your employees have the freedom stay focused on the path that leads to your goals. At Resultant, we have teams ready to help. Contact us to meet with an Atlanta representative who understands your needs and can design a custom solution to meet your growth goals.

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