The Water Cooler: How 5 Organizations Set Up Tech Training Programs

This past year, Resultant was named to Insider Pro and Computerworld’s list of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in IT, including recognition as #3 in the country for IT career development. In the fast-moving world of consulting, continuing to develop skills and stay at the leading edge of technology and strategy is as vital to helping our clients thrive as it is in support of our team’s desire to learn and grow.

Mike Vance, VP of Technology Services, recently shared his insights regarding how talent development programs help with employee retention and prepare the business to mitigate skills gaps.

At Resultant, we try to make training and professional development a collaborative effort between the employee and the organization, rather than prescribing a path that gets handed down. This approach lets the employee chart the course for their own growth while we play a support role in offering the resources and tools needed along the way.

– Mike Vance, VP Technology Services

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