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An Inside Look: 3 Open App Development Jobs

You have the coding know-how, but what does a long-term career in application development really look like? 

Development is a diverse field offering cutting-edge opportunities for people from all walks of the tech spectrum. Learning what type of environment you flourish in, whether it’s working on the whole picture, end-to-end solutions, or taking ownership of a tiny part of the process, is key to finding the right role for you. 

Resultant’s Senior Software Architect, Justin Bolles, shares more about what three in-demand app development roles look like at Resultant, including the characteristics that will help you flourish. 

AWS Cloud Engineer 

The AWS Cloud Engineer lives for creating effective, efficient cloud solutions. They’re generalists when it comes to cloud technology, well-versed in different tools and platforms. “How can we use the cloud more effectively?” is one of their driving questions. 

As with most development positions, no two projects look the same. Sometimes it’s improving the performance of an organization’s existing cloud solution. Sometimes it’s designing a cloud environment around a piece of software other team members have developed. Other times it’s starting from square one, working alongside Senior Software Developers to build solutions from scratch. 

But no matter the project, one thing is for sure: This person is dedicated to continued learning and creativity. Cloud technology’s newness and continued evolution mean a successful AWS Cloud Engineer thrives on soaking up knowledge of the latest tools and technologies. 

“We don’t want to just rely on solutions that we’re used to; we want to be able to really utilize everything that’s available to us,” Bolles says. 

In addition, you need to thrive at creative decision making. With dozens of tools available across cloud platforms, this role requires being able to creatively combine the best ones for the individual client and project. 

Is your head in the cloud? Bring your passion to Resultant!

Senior Software Engineer 

Do you thrive in problem-solving focused environments and live for collaborative work? Are you interested in leading a team of dedicated developers? A Senior Software Engineer role could be the next step in your career. 

Senior Software Engineers are passionate leaders and part of the whole solution process. They help architect a solution and implement it, divvying work up among team members and overseeing the project from idea through development of a final product. They’re also born problem solvers, keeping the whole project picture in mind while being able to identify and create the best solutions to pieces of the project they’re tasked with developing. 

The Senior Software Engineer is a natural mentor, helping to propel the team forward by fostering talent at all levels. They frequently give time and guidance to junior and mid-level developers, helping them move up. They also keep the collaborative spirit of the team alive in the process. Growing together is key, not keeping tabs on who gets credit for what. 

“We’re all on the same team, and we’re all moving in the same direction,” Bolles explains. 

If you’re moving in the direction of a Senior Software Engineer role and seeking interesting and challenging work projects, find your way to the Resultant team.

Dynamics 365 Solution Engineer 

The Dynamics 365 Solution Engineer is a Microsoft master. They’re well versed in Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Technology Stack, tools many businesses and organizations already use in their day-to-day operations. They’re driven to find the best client-friendly solutions for problems. This often means stepping outside the box and creatively building on top of the existing infrastructure—SharePoint, Office 365, Teams, Dynamics 365, etc.—to build a tool that fits well into a customer’s daily operations. 

Like the AWS Cloud Engineer and Senior Software Engineer, this is a problem-solving, creativity-driven role that focuses on client-centric design. If you’re not designing with the client in mind, you’re not solving the right problem. 

Come think outside the box with Resultant. Get all of the details about these positions here. 

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