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3 Cutting Edge Careers for Data Professionals

If you love a great data challenge and want to help solve complex problems in your community, the Data Analytics team at Resultant wants to meet you.  

The Data team is key to Resultant’s work, collaborating with other departments to develop and deploy solutions that help our clients thrive. Curious what a career in data at Resultant looks like? 

Bernardo Unzueta, head of Resultant’s data engineering team, shares his insights about three key roles on his team.  

Data Analytics Software Engineer  

The Indianapolis-based Data Analytics Software Engineer role is an excellent fit for those that want to work side-by-side with a savvy Data Science team to develop and deploy client solutions.  

The ideal candidate is, first and foremost, a strong coder in Python and other languages like C#, but they also have experience contributing to an advanced analytics environment. An ability to translate project goals and initial models into functional, client-friendly software is critical to the Data Analytics Software Engineer position, so previous exposure to data science and advanced analytics environments is important.  

What does a typical client engagement look like? First, data science team members work through client discovery to learn what the organization is trying to accomplish, uncover what data is available, and ask other questions to lay a foundation for project success moving forward. The Resultant Data Science team then builds an algorithm-based model to address the client’s needs.   

But most organizations don’t live and breathe data. They don’t “speak” data, or they aren’t all speaking data in the same way. This is where the Data Analytics Software Engineer steps in.   

“How do I take the algorithm and translate it into a product or tool that is valuable and useful for the client?” This is the key question, Unzueta says, that the Data Analytics Software Engineer is required to answer.  

Strong communication skills are also a key part of this position.  

“You should be able to talk with various team members or the client to see what will be feasible to implement,” Unzueta explains. “You definitely need to communicate from the business to the technical teams on the client’s side and then translate those expectations for our internal team.”  

Have the right skills, background, and drive to be Resultant’s next Data Analytics Software Engineer? Take your career to the next level and learn more about this position here.  

Data Engineer  

Data Engineers are the masters of data management, managing our clients’ complex datasets’ life cycles. They’re experts in code, working to clean, standardize, and format the data.  

A day for a Resultant Data Engineer could include looking at data sources to determine the best ways to move data into different repositories, assessing how to transform data based on the client’s rules and needs, and finding the most efficient methods to manage the data. They also work side-by-side with Data Architects to examine database structures.  

As technologies shift and change, our data engineers immerse themselves in new, cutting-edge technologies and approaches. They are Python whizzes and knowledgeable around common open source tools, NoSQL, and API, just as they are well versed in the standard data engineering approaches and tools such as Oracle and SQL servers.   

Our entire Data team embraces learning and professional development. Team members are encouraged to master the new tools and skills of their trade, eventually acquiring the expertise to move up to a Data Engineer II level or shift into Senior Data Engineer role, which offers more client-facing time and consulting.  

“Senior Data Engineers need to have a more holistic vision of the solution,” Unzueta explains. “They are not only engineering but are also integrated into other parts of the solution, including data science or visualizations as part of that overall solution.”  

Are you ready to share your visions of complex solutions with the data team? Apply for a Data Engineer position with us today.   

Data Architect 

You can’t build a house without a blueprint. Data Architects are Resultant’s master blueprint drafters for client projects. They dig into client problems to understand the challenges and solution requirements, collect overall project visions, and bring that back to the team to brainstorm, review, and build solutions.  

“Data Architects are engaged with a client to understand what we’re trying to do or solve,” Unzueta says.  

This data team member is in the heart of it all, coordinating with business analysts, project managers, and other data team members to effectively tackle the tasks at hand. Most of all, Data Architects need sharp communication skills to work with clients, dig into the solution, and make sure the team is building something that truly meets client needs.   

Like the Data Analytics Software Engineer, being able to translate the tech side is a key skill. Data Architects often present solutions to clients, most of whom have varying degrees of tech knowledge. “You have to find good ways to communicate why certain solutions will work for each client,” Unzueta says. “And do so in a way each person can understand.”  

After the initial solution is approved by the team and client, the Data Architect steps into a leadership position.  

“The architect is creating the blueprint and then the engineers build it, but they still need an architect to provide feedback,” Unzueta says.  

Guiding the engineers means that these skillful data team members likely wore the engineering hat in a previous position.   

“It’s usually someone that has gone through the coding, the engineering, but now has additional knowledge about building solutions,” Unzueta says. “It’s someone who is able to draft the data model and explain how things may work in the different steps in collaboration with engineers and other team members.”    

Interested in architecting innovative solutions for our clients? Apply for a Resultant Data Architect role today.    

Data isn’t the only place for innovative thinkers on the Resultant team.If you’re looking to be a bold leader in data analytics, information technology, business applications, management consulting, or project management: view all our open positions.



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