The 9 Most Important Attributes to Look for in an IV&V Partner

If your organization is implementing a large-scale technology solution, independent verification and validation (IV&V) is one of the best ways to keep your project running smoothly, and to help ensure its success. But getting all the intended value from your project takes an experienced, versatile IV&V partner with a strong understanding of technology, your organization, and your objectives. 

The right IV&V partner knows your project is a significant investment worth protecting, and that there’s always potential to improve processes and add value. They’ll use their wide range of skills to find innovative solutions—and will always be looking for ways to drive the project forward. With that in mind, here are the 11 most important attributes to look for when choosing an IV&V partner: 

Visionary. Your IV&V partner should be able to clearly see the road ahead so they can lead your organization through the issues you’re facing. They should exhibit excellent leadership and mentorship skills and be adept at motivating others while never losing sight of the final goal. 

Trustworthy. When you trust your IV&V partner, you’ll trust their advice. A good partner will look for every opportunity to build trust with you, and to strengthen relationships with everyone on the project. 

Courageous. With large-scale technology solution implementations, there are usually disagreements and complex challenges somewhere along the way. It takes courage to be honest about difficult situations, and it takes the spirit of fearless problem solving to work through them. 

Consistent. Your IV&V partner should do what they say with a sharp focus on the truth. Sides don’t matter, the success of the project does. So, it’s important to stay neutral in all situations. A spade is a spade no matter who is holding it. That’s the consistency needed to drive success for all parties involved. 

Empathetic. Building detailed knowledge about your organization and your needs by actively listening to you is key to empathizing with your situation. A great IV&V partner will know exactly why they’re working on the project and what they’re trying to accomplish. They will also show empathy toward all parties involved—including vendors—so that everyone is treated fairly. The most successful outcomes are achieved when everyone wins. 

Technically proficient. The right IV&V partner knows your technology, business practices, and the people you serve inside and out. They understand the technical aspects of your solution, and how to make sure it’s effective both today and years from now. 

Experienced. There are many lessons that can only be learned from someone who’s been there before. Your IV&V partner should use their wide range of experience to help you identify risks before they become major issues, resolve conflicts, and negotiate with stakeholders and vendors. 

Client-focused. Everything your IV&V partner does should add value to your project and move you closer to success. Scope, regulations, and leadership can change, but your partner’s commitment to staying focused on your goals shouldn’t. 

Perseverant. Technology solutions can take years to implement, and that means people can get impatient and emotions can run high. Change is also inevitable—sometimes people leave and join the project, processes get retooled, and unexpected challenges arise—but IV&V is often the glue that keeps the project together. It takes perseverance to stay engaged and to stick to your objectives so that the job gets done. 

These attributes are essential to our approach to IV&V, but they are also simply a part of who we are as an organization, overlapping with our core values at Resultant. We know what it takes to get your project from the starting gate to the finish line (with all the necessary preparations required before, in between, and after) because we’ve been there many times before, and we have the diverse skillsets necessary to create solutions that overcome obstacles and achieve results. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your next large-scale technology solution implementation a success with our IV&V services. 



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