Department of Corrections LMS Will Provide Training and Support for 15,000 Facility Students

(LANSING, Mich.) — March 14, 2022, Press Release — The State of Michigan Department of Corrections hired Resultant, a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Google Education deployment partner, to expand the development of its scalable statewide learning management system that offers offenders the opportunity to continue their education and prepare for seamless transitions into the workforce and community.

Proven out during a 2021 pilot implementation for Michigan correctional facilities, the implementation, a partnership between Resultant, Google and MDOC, has offered students expanded access to virtual instruction, certification programs, the electronic law library, and the documentation they need to market themselves on the job market. This was made possible in part by migrating outdated legacy systems to a cloud platform that provides reliable uptime, premium security, and a view of the entire education process for an offender.

Michigan Department of Corrections holds an innovative approach to serving its offenders and supporting rehabilitation across the state. Resultant is proud to work with MDOC to lead the way in pioneering statewide learning management systems, tackling a number of technical challenges that arise when serving the unique environmental requirements of correctional facilities. This program has already proven to impact lives and will further its impact with the expansion of services.

– Josh Wakefield, VP of Public Sector Services, Resultant

The Michigan Department of Corrections provides educational services to approximately 7,500 students at 30 facilities across the state. The mission of its student education system is to facilitate the transition from prison to the community by assisting students in the development of their academic, workplace and social competencies through effective and cost-efficient programs. These programs include academic (GED and HiSet); career and technical education, including state and national credentials; employment readiness; special education; Title I programming; and postsecondary classes.

After the successful 2021 pilot program, MDOC has expanded its partnership with Resultant to provide IT managed services for the learning management system as well as implement upgrades to better support the students and facilities. The upgrades will include expansion of the program to 15,000 student students, 200 teachers, and 40 admins as well as enhanced user experience for students and enhanced security for administration.

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