United Way Paves the Way for Nonprofit Transformation with Data Initiative

One of the best things about being a data consultancy is witnessing the great data stories our clients experience. And one of the reasons we started the Data Driven Leadership podcast is to share those great stories with more people. Learning from the experiences of others helps you reach your own goals faster.

Now, the nonprofit industry is a whole different ballgame than for-profit businesses. They can reap huge benefits from data usage, but there are a host of considerations, regulations, and even constraints that make it a challenge.

Data can bring insights to help nonprofits better serve people

How can nonprofits maximize the impact they have on the populations they serve? This is the main question data usage can help with by addressing these aspects:

  • What individuals are using our services and for how long?
  • What other services are those same individuals using and not using?
  • How long do they use our services and what happens to them when they stop?
  • Who are we missing in outreach?
  • What other assistance might be helpful to individuals and how might we direct them there?
  • What are the real-life outcomes for these individuals?

United Way’s multi-year data initiative transforms what’s possible

United Way of Central Indiana (UWCI) is leading the charge to help nonprofits access and make better use of data to further their missions. In this week’s episode of Data Driven Leadership, host Jess Carter talks with UWCI Chief Strategic Intelligence and Information Officer Denise Luster and Senior Director of Strategic Research and Analytics Stephanie Fritz about their multi-year data initiative, how it has impacted the organization, and how it can help other nonprofits.

More importantly, they talk about how nonprofits can use data to better help communities and families, making a difference in individual lives.

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