Partnering with DataRobot to Bring Machine Learning to AI-Driven Organizations

This week DataRobot officially announced its AI Partner Program.  As one of the first companies to align itself with DataRobot, I would like to invite and welcome new and future AI Partners into this community.

Through the years, Resultant has continued to strategically select its offerings as it seeks to fulfill its mission to help organizations transform their data into actionable insights.  For nearly two decades we have created and implemented data solutions across a range of vertical markets.  These solutions include developing custom applications, data warehouses, visualization solutions, and deep analytics solutions. 

As our solutions have matured, two core strategic values emerged that characterize the partnerships and technologies that we align with…Automation and Self-Service!  DataRobot not only embraces these two values, but is also at the cutting edge of redefining what these mean and how far they can go to bring machine learning and predictive analytics to more businesses.

We first met DataRobot at the 2017 Alteryx Inspire conference in Las Vegas.  As we shared our mutual passion and respective visions for our customers, the decision to become a partner was easy.  Our alignment was synergistic, and we immediately saw opportunity to serve our customers in better ways. When I heard and understood how simply pushing a Start button on DataRobot’s platform could automate the development of predictive models, help score and select the best model, and then deploy the model back into the business, I immediately knew this was technology we had to embrace and evangelize to our customers.

Our customers have a burning desire to take action on their data – to unlock hidden truths that help them derive deeper insights.  While they are knowledgeable about their businesses, they are often inhibited by a lack of tools, skills, and resources.  Predictive and prescriptive analysis is increasingly becoming a household term as our customers strive to move up the Business Intelligence maturity scale, but questions like “How do I get started?”, “Where do I find talent and tools?” and “How can I afford expensive data science talent?” were difficult challenges to answer.  Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with DataRobot provides Resultant with a solution –  a means to vastly accelerate the implementation of data science into the current flow of our customers business. 

In just the first months of our partnership, we have had many meaningful conversations with customers about how leveraging the power of machine learning can help them transform their business, faster and with stronger data to support their decisions.  We have the opportunity to enable customers to better understand and predict things like hospital readmissions, parts and equipment failure, and qualifying sales prospects. I can’t imagine a conversation with a prospective customer that doesn’t include exploring how DataRobot might fit in and bring value to their business.

At Resultant, we have chosen to align ourselves with a few key strategic technology partners – those that we believe share our passion, those that believe in simplifying the complex, automating the mundane, and empowering business users to be self-sufficient in deriving insight from the vast amount of data at their fingertips.  We have been intentionally selective in who we align with and while there is some overlap in the solutions each of our partners provide, we believe each one offers tremendous value to our customers that is far more complementary than competitive.  This truly gives us a comprehensive end-to-end solution that can be tailored to fit and solve the unique data challenges of our customers.

We are honored to be partnered with DataRobot.  We have truly enjoyed the relationships that are growing with DataRobot, and we are excited about helping our customers become “consumer data scientists” as we help them to embrace this incredible platform. 

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