Leveraging Tableau Public and Google Sheets To Track Your Favorite Stocks

Disclaimer: The ticker symbols considered in this blog post and the files associated with the blog post are for example purposes only. None of the content should be construed as investment recommendations. Use the techniques discussed below at your own risk.

Tableau isn’t just for business. Leveraging the power of Tableau and other tools like Google Sheets makes for a great way to build data dashboards for your personal passion(s) as well! In this blog we will give you a quick overview of the steps to build a stock ticker symbol tracker with links to more detailed instructions at the end if you need them.

What You Will Need

  • A Google Account to access Google Sheets (It’s free)
  • Access to Tableau Public (Also free)

Let’s Get Started

Finding Symbol Tickers

The below links provide various financial ticker symbols.

Shortcut To Pre-Populated Google Sheets

To lighten your load, you can go to https://goo.gl/66f4wX to access pre-existing Google Sheets that have been pre-populated with a set of ticker symbols.

Create Your Own Google Sheets From Scratch

If you would like to do the heavy lifting yourself, you can set up Google Sheets from scratch and build out your own set of custom set of Ticker Symbols.

Creating a Ticker Symbol Tracker in Tableau

Now it’s time to point to Tableau to your Google Sheets data:

  • Connect to the Data: In Tableau connect to your data source as you normally would.
  • Create a Dual Axis Chart: Creating a sheet called “Close & Volume” you can create a dual axis chart to chart the history of the stock ticker symbol.
  • Create a Current Values Cross Tab: Creating a sheet called “Current Values” you can enable the LOD calculations.
  • Create a Scatter Plot: Building a scatter plot provides the best way to display the data being tracked.
  • Build the Dashboard: The final step in the process is to build the dashboard to house your Stock Symbol Tracker.

Congratulations! You have built a stock symbol tracker in Tableau.

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