5 Ways Tableau Delivers Quick Wins for Your Company

Business intelligence is not just about the speed of building, analyzing and visualizing data. It’s also about using that data to make strategic decisions quickly. If you’re using the wrong business intelligence tools, it will slow you down, preventing you from delivering quick wins for your company.

The right BI tools, on the other hand — like Tableau — foster a highly iterative process, meaning you can demonstrate value very quickly by tackling small-but-significant challenges, then delivering value before you invest a huge amount of time or money.

How? Here are five ways Tableau accomplishes this:

1. Provides a “Single Source of the Truth”

Data governance is the single most important element in developing a data-driven enterprise. Tableau allows the data steward to control and build a purpose-built data set that can be published to the server and shared by desktop users. Doing this creates a “Single Source of the Truth,” which delivers consistent reporting amongst the enterprise.

2. Increases “Speed to Market”

Traditional BI reporting tools typically require an IT Developer to build and deliver a dashboard, which can take time. Tableau is a self-service analytics tool for the business analyst — who is the subject-matter expert — and its ease of use allows the user to deliver dynamic dashboards and analyses quicker.

3. Encourages Actionable Insights

Tableau allows the decision-makers to interact with and explore the data quickly and efficiently. A well-built visualization will provide “aha” moments to the decision-makers and deliver actionable insights to the enterprise in a fraction of the time of traditional BI tools.

4. It’s Mobile!

Explore your data anytime and anywhere with the Tableau App. You can download the Tableau App from the Apple Store or Google Play, connect your phone or tablet to your server and always be ready to measure the performance of the enterprise, or collaborate/ share insights while away from your desktop. This is extremely helpful for decision-makers who are in meetings away from their office or travel frequently.

5. They Foster Collaboration

Finally, BI tools like Tableau promote community. Whether it be within the enterprise or the amid the global Tableau forums, users can come together to share ideas, discover new techniques and showcase visualizations. Collaboration is key for effective decision-making.

In the end, delivering quick wins starts with the right BI tool. Tableau can provide immense flexibility and value for your company.

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