Nick Sproull

Nick Sproull, EdD

Sr. Consultant, Education Services

Nick was drawn to his career in education by a drive to remove obstacles and barriers and expand access and opportunity for all students. Rooted in his family’s experiences with education, it has been shaped by the students and educators he’s served nationwide over 20 years.

He developed his dissertation after hearing countless stories from school counselors working with first-generation students and those experiencing poverty, unable to capitalize on the opportunity to attend college. It tested a social-psychological intervention designed to shift students’ learning mindsets and increase academic motivation.

Nick was part of founding team that designed and launched a free ed-tech ecosystem that annually connected 1.5 million students and thousands of educators with colleges and other postsecondary opportunities nationwide.

He directed the NCAA’s college readiness and postsecondary transition initiatives for more than 100,000 students annually, collaborating with university presidents, faculty, state agency leaders, national education organizations, district and campus leaders, and school counselors to support student success.

Nick is passionate about supporting innovative, systems-level approaches to successful postsecondary transitions for all students and believes empathy is the key to a kinder world.

Because he  loves learning about learning, in his downtime he’s often got his nose in a book or a podcast in his ears. But family is his priority and his favorite thing is to be fully present  while participating in their activities, interests, and growth.

Quick Facts

  • Butler University, Bachelor of Arts, Music with Honors
  • Michigan State University, Master of Arts, K-12 and Postsecondary Education Leadership
  •  Johns Hopkins University, Doctor of Education
  • Future of Learning Institute at Harvard Graduate School of Education certificate
  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Human Subjects Research certification

Favorite Resultant Value

  • Purposeful Empathy