Higher Value from Your Technology Investments

Technology doesn’t matter a bit unless it supports your people and your goals. The complexity and constant change among options overwhelms most people who don’t make a career of keeping up, and a snazzy new piece of software lures many buyers into a purchase that not only fails to enhance processes but impedes them. We guide you through the daunting landscape of technology solutions.

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What's Included

Starting with Business Needs

A major consideration within every tech purchase is gaining competitive advantage. Learn which questions to ask to assess those needs.

Aligning Your Current and Future Tools

Most companies aren’t getting everything they can from the technology they already own. Starting with a careful inventory of assets will help guide your buying decisions.

Evaluating Custom v. Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Commercial solutions can be less expensive, less intimidating, and a close-enough fit, with extra configuration costs. We share considerations for weighing custom v. commercial.

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Key Facts

Making careful technology decisions is a great start; implementing your solutions thoughtfully brings value to those decisions and sets your operation up for success.

  • The implementation process varies considerably depending on whom you enlist. Spend time vetting your implementation partner before making a decision.
  • Change management is a critical element of implementation. Look for a partner who has a plan for communicating and creating buy-in.
  • Ask about employee training and documentation. Better partners will provide training sessions and a thorough, easy-to-follow manual for your new solution.
  • Too much too soon may derail your plans and frustrate users. Look for a phased implementation plan that seeks and utilizes feedback.

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