Holistic IT Strategy: Why Seeking Convergence Is the Key to a Thriving Organization

Everyone claims to align IT with business strategy, but very few actually do it. Even when strategies align, without meticulous attention, paths diverge over time. A holistic IT approach doesn’t merely align your strategies but moves them toward convergence: two strategies becoming one, working toward the same outcome rather than veering off in their own directions.

Resultant’s IT MSP team sees the big picture. Find out what a holistic IT strategy can do for your organization.

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What's Included

When to seek an IT MSP

Organizational growth often results in unwieldy IT that can cause more of the very problems it’s supposed to solve. Find out what signs might be telling you it’s time for an IT MSP.

Benefits of a Holistic IT approach

When IT solutions are slapped on without an overall plan in place, the effect can be just as problematic as the original concern—and far more expensive. A holistic IT approach treats the entire organization and all the moving parts that make it up, streamlining costs and processes.

What to look for in an IT MSP

Go beyond current standard services to launch your organization to the next level. Find out the bare minimum of what you should expect and learn what’s possible when you raise your standards.

We’re proud to help organizations thrive, and we’d love to tell you more.

Key Facts

  • Using our solution, officers can better position themselves in high-risk areas, cutting down response times to crash sites.
  • Resultant found that quick responses to a crash involving an injury are associated with a reduced likelihood of the injury being fatal. Seconds can make the difference between death and life; being close to the crash site when it happens matters.
  • The faster an officer can get there, the faster they can get traffic flowing again and prevent another collision. When traffic backs up because of the primary crash, there’s an increased risk for a secondary crash. Full-speed vehicles suddenly colliding with stopped cars can create even more severe injuries than the original accident.
  • The tool enables citizens to take a proactive role in traffic safety. They can adjust their routes or be more conscious of risk in areas with high probability of a crash, leading to fewer crashes.
    Resultant’s geospatial mapping techniques could be applied to many future applications. In addition to turning millions of points into actionable insight and displaying spatiotemporal results of machine learning models in a user-friendly map, real-time traffic, weather forecasts, and image recognition can be incorporated to accurately predict various outcomes.

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