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Data has no value until it informs decisions, and chances are good that too much of your data is languishing in spreadsheets, databases, and the minds of your team members. And that data doubles every thirteen months. The power to turn that information into action isn’t out of reach. Implementing a strong dashboard brings your data strategy to life, breaking down complicated data patterns into easy-to-understand reporting and forecasting insights. Find the details on moving from disparate data sources to clear, clean data visualizations that move your organization forward.

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What's Included

Setting Your Strategy

Visualization tools that transform your data aren’t possible until you have a clear data strategy in place—one that defines your goals and considers the needs of users. Your data strategy identifies assets, aligns them with business goals, and prepares your data for access so that you get reliable results.

Evaluating Dashboard Needs

A dashboard that doesn’t serve your organization’s needs is like a microwave on a bicycle—cumbersome, needlessly expensive, and useless for getting where you’re going. Careful evaluation of how features align with needs and goals ensures you implement the most effective dashboard.

Considering the Bigger Dashboard Picture

With dashboards, as with data, context matters. You can avoid a lot of obstacles by considering common pitfalls, like how your users actually access and utilize data and whether your data collection methods produce the most useful, accurate information.

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Key Facts

From the mountains of data you’ve collected, an effective dashboard provides clarity by capturing and visualizing information so it’s easy to understand—and ready to be turned into action that moves your organization toward its goals. Learn more about:

  • Important details to consider for your dashboard, like mobile access, visualization options that support your strategy, and availability of technical support.
  • Security and infrastructure options that align with the sensitivity of your data and keep you compliant with industry regulations.
  • The interface and user experience details that ensure your team gets what they need from your dashboard.
  • Hardware requirements and cloud solutions that facilitate your dashboard implementation and utilization.

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