Cybersecurity and Data Governance: Where Ransomware Meets Its Match

Resultant's data governance expert Paola Saibene sat down with Shawn Tuma, a cybersecurity and data privacy attorney at Spencer Fein. Shawn also serves as co-chair of their Cyber and Data Privacy Practice Group. He deals primarily with data breaches, cybersecurity attacks, and ransomware cases.

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What You'll Learn

Discover how to protect your organization's data, respect the privacy of individuals, and prevent and heal from ransomware attacks.

Learn these and other points:

  • Understanding the layers of extortion
  • The pitfalls and dangerous attitudes of this domain
  • Knowing who exactly owns the data and acting responsibly
  • Negotiating with the extortionists
  • Insurance companies new policies are that are supported by monitoring technology


Meet the Speaker

Paola Saibene

Principal Consultant and Data Governance Practice Lead

Paola has been a technologist for 26 years, holding multiple C-suite roles in large, global organizations, and leading thousands of team members to thrive and fulfill business missions despite constraints. Paola blends innovation, strategy, growth, security, privacy, risk, and governance into an ecosystem of high resiliency and strength, especially as it pertains to data and its valuation process.

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