Resultant Helps KSM Make the Move to Expedient

In 2017, Katz, Sapper & Miller’s (KSM) existing data center infrastructure was approaching the end of its five-year life cycle. Darrell Williams, KSM’s Director of Information Technology, knew it was time to evaluate his organization’s data center model. He needed to decide whether to continue using an on-premise data center, shift to a co-location model, or make the switch to a purer cloud ideology. Williams brought in Resultant to help with an overall assessment of the current technology infrastructure as well as to identify and design potential solutions for the KSM team to evaluate. Cost, risk, complexity, management, security, and performance all had to be carefully measured and reviewed to build the best possible technology future for KSM.

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We’re completely satisfied with our decision… Expedient’s customer support is top-notch. Their response times are amazing, and the support team has been great at establishing and maintaining a relationship with us.

Darrell Williams

Director of IT,   KSM

The Problem

“Five years for an infrastructure typically signifies end-of-life,” Williams explains. “It was the perfect time to re-evaluate our technology choices moving forward.” KSM and Resultant looked at several options, ranging from boutique to national level data centers. “The most important thing to me was the relationship,” Williams says. “I wanted to make sure the organization we chose would become our mission-critical partner.” Williams also cited proximity, a solid disaster recovery plan, and the ability to provide robust connectivity among all offices across all locations as critical decision points.

The Solution

Resultant aggregated and analyzed over a dozen solution combinations—from refreshing on-premise servers, migrating to a data center partner, migrating to pure cloud, or implementing a hybrid solution—and when laid out, the solution became clear. During the delivery of the assessment, the KSM team unanimously agreed that Expedient emerged as the clear choice. KSM then toured Expedient’s Indianapolis office, and the decision was reaffirmed quickly. Everyone was impressed with Expedient’s commitment to excellence, investment into technology, the deep relationships with its clients and partners, and expertise in disaster recovery (Gartner Disaster Recovery Quadrant). “I immediately knew our account manager was going to establish a positive and sustainable relationship with us,” says Williams. “I felt like we were in good hands.”

Resultant played an integral role in moving KSM to the data center. These migrations require countless hours of research and planning, but Resultant specializes in this type of work and built a clear roadmap and project plan. Says Resultant's Ryan Gould, “These types of migrations are extremely complex and can dramatically impact the whole company if not planned and executed well. Working with Expedient’s solution, though, was awesome. It was one of the most seamless migrations we have ever managed. The team is clearly experienced and highly professional, and the migration went about as smoothly as possible. KSM is happy, their systems and data are secure, and that’s what matters most to us.”

The Outcome

“We’re completely satisfied with our decision,” says Williams. “Expedient’s customer support is top notch. Their response times are amazing, and the support team has been great at establishing and maintaining a relationship with us. The lines of communication are open, and we feel Expedient keeps us well-informed.”

In addition, KSM appreciates Expedient’s highly redundant infrastructure, power continuity through back-up power and building generators, geographically diverse data centers, automatic failover, extensive compliances and certifications, and the physical security improvements that Expedient’s data center provides.

As an accounting firm, there are a few months out of the year that are mission critical for the firm and its clients. Therefore, it’s vital that their systems remain running. Even a short-term outage during their busy season could result in a major issue for clients and the business. “We feel safe and protected with Expedient,” Williams says. “They have everything in place to make sure our business is up and running at all times.”

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