Data Transformation Enables Analysis and Performance Tracking

A massive undertaking, the State of Indiana transformed its data across agencies to enable sophisticated analytical techniques and greater transparency to the citizenry. The project required building a framework to handle massive-scale projects, creation of public and internal dashboards to track performance, and constant strategic guidance and oversight so that the solution would not just solve the immediate challenges but carry the state into its future.

About Indiana Management Performance Hub

The Indiana Management Performance Hub provides analytics solutions tailored to address complex management and policy questions enabling improved outcomes for Hoosiers. MPH empowers partners to leverage data in innovative ways, facilitating data-driven decision making and data-informed policy making.

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We’re not going to have to wait on data. We’re not going to have to make decisions based on stale or old information. We’re now able to make decisions in real-time.

Chris Atkins

Former Chief Financial Officer,   The State of Indiana

Leveraging data from across the State, data was transformed into information, which, in turn, became the knowledge needed to support the important decisions of tomorrow.

Josh Martin

Chief of Staff of the Management Performance Hub,   The State of Indiana

Based on insights revealed from the data, we are improving operations and impacting policy in the State of Indiana. We’re truly moving the needle with respect to key indicators in Indiana.

David Matusoff

Former Executive Director of the Management Performance Hub,   The State of Indiana

The Problem

Advancements in technology have made data more accessible than ever. Resultant and the State of Indiana worked together to develop a plan to put data and sophisticated analytical techniques at the heart of determining the underlying drivers of individual problems to unlock insights. The State believed leveraging data would provide the opportunity to inform spending and strategically focus on issues impacting citizens. The State’s intended initiatives spanned multiple agencies and datasets, which needed to be brought together in a usable manner. To further complicate matters, within the datasets, data was duplicated; there were shared data sources; and there was a general lack of information sharing across the government.

To overcome these challenges and enable data sharing across the government, the State had to remove the technical barriers between datasets, all while dealing with mandatory legal and process requirements.

The Solution

The first state to undertake the challenge of creating a centralized data repository, the State of Indiana partnered with Resultant to become the most effective, efficient, and transparent State government in the country through a comprehensive, enterprise-wide, data-driven management system dubbed the Management Performance Hub (MPH). MPH is comprised of secure, consumable data; performance management through data analytics; and a framework for use cases.

We partnered with the State to: 

  • Transform data across agencies to make it usable, workable, and secure, allowing analysis and performance tracking.
  • Create a public-facing website and internal employee dashboards to track performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop the framework to handle massive-scale projects as well as assist in project completion.
  • Continue to refine and improve the solution through strategic guidance, ongoing management and oversight, and technological improvements.

The Outcome

By developing MPH, the State sought to drive innovation and improve the effectiveness of services by increasing attention to the privacy, security, transparency, and reliability of the disparate data sources maintained by State agencies. Through data, the State now utilizes an iterative and creative process to solve its toughest challenges and find effective solutions that improve programs and ultimately the quality of life for more citizens. Agencies leverage data to challenge assumptions and apply new strategies and tactics.

Citizens have an increased understanding of how their State government is performing through the transparency displayed on State agency KPIs were refined, data collection was streamlined to further a culture of data collection, and operational dashboards provide employees insight into historical trends and an in-depth view into agency performance management.

The first of its kind, MPH brings together performance metrics from across the State. With sophisticated analytical models that yield insights, the State can learn from historical outcomes and predict future services through prescriptive analytics. The MPH tool has enabled data analytics to better understand and inform decisions on the allocation of resources across State agencies all leading to improved life for citizens.

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