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Meet data quality challenges and ensure trust.

More than ever, data is critical for informing decision-making. And the amount of data companies collect is accelerating every day. With mountains of data coming in from a range of sources, quality assurance becomes a tough but essential challenge. Falling short is costly: Studies estimate that poor data quality causes revenue hits of about 30%.

As an authorized partner of Validatar, we help clients build trust in their data through automated processes that securely and reliably ingests, monitors, tests, and profiles data.

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The Power of Validatar

Data Discovery

Until you know what you have, you might as well have nothing. Validatar enables users to easily discover the data available to them. By knowing what data is available, users can do more with their data to draw deeper insights.

Data Profiling

Validatar tracks data profiles over time so you see how your data is changing. Data professionals use data profiling to ensure that the data pipelines they build are robust and accurate. Data consumers can quickly get to know and trust the data they use for reports and analytics.

Data Testing

Don't get surprised by bad data. Validatar lets you create data quality rules, comparison tests, and regression tests to systematically validate your data. Make testing a breeze with automation rather than a resource-consuming hassle.

Data Monitoring

Validatar keeps a watchful eye on your data so you don’t need to. Receive alerts when there are significant changes in the profile of your data that may indicate an anomaly or potential issue.

Metadata Monitoring

Metadata tells rich stories and provides insight into all aspects of a modern data stack. Whether data structures, lineage, utilization and activity, or business metadata, automate the monitoring of your metadata with Validatar.

Platform Overview

  1. Centralized Test Library

Build and store a library of QA tests that can be at the ready to execute, minimizing effort and increasing consistency and accuracy. Designate which users can access and execute different tests through an easy-to-use admin tool.

2. Scheduler and Execution Engine

Validatar automates the testing process by enabling users to auto trigger test execution scripts, streamlining the process and ensuring tests are performed when needed, every time.

3. Results Repository

The results of every QA test run through Validatar are cataloged and stored for easy retrieval by authorized users. If you need to look at a QA test results over time, the data is just a click away.

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