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Selecting the Right Document Management Solution

Companies work with thousands of documents every day, and it’s easy for information to be lost or misplaced. And when you have hundreds of employees managing documents in different ways, the problem can quickly get out of control. You need a document management solution that works with your business—and more important, with the people who use documents every day. 

The key is to thoughtfully support the business processes that require documents, and to approach the problem in a way that carefully considers the needs of your end users. 

Why is document management so important? 

It all comes down to time and efficiency. When your document management strategy makes accessing, changing and storing documents simple, your team will work faster and be less frustrated. The right solution will also help end-users work together more efficiently, which inspires unity and collaboration among employees. 

How do you implement a successful document management solution? 

The Right Tools 

It’s important to go with a solution that makes sense for your technology stack as well as for your end users. These days, there are plenty of tools, including SharePoint Online and Box, that can help your business manage documents more efficiently. But keep in mind that each has its own strengths, weaknesses, and unique features. And it’s important to take a close look at what’s available to find the solution that aligns with your organizational goals. 

The Right Team 

It’s critical to think carefully about who should be involved in your document management solution decisions. Bring in people who have both a high-level understanding of your organization and know what your employees need on a day-to-day, granular level. Project team members should also have strong leadership qualities. They should believe in the importance of the project and be ready to champion the results.

Enough Time

This type of project also requires time – and typically a lot of it. Many companies don’t realize how much work the right document management solution can take to implement, and they don’t budget enough time to think it through, much less implement it. This is a deliberate process that requires serious commitment, so you have to plan accordingly. 

End User Buy-In

Last—and perhaps most important—is buy-in from your end users. If you show them the benefits, they’ll get excited and champion the new solution. That includes educating them about why they should be excited—and giving them ownership of the process, too. You can do this in lots of creative ways, such as lunch-and-learns—even branding the new solution company-wide to raise enthusiasm and awareness. 

How can Resultant help? 

We’ve worked on dozens of document management projects, and we know what it takes to find a solution that works today, tomorrow, and years from now. We also understand the importance of focusing on end-users, creating clarity, and designing a custom solution that does exactly what clients need. 

Our approach will help you get complete buy-in from your organization and will streamline your document management process, making your team more productive and confident and boosting your bottom line. We can also help educate your leadership and employees in an intuitive, efficient way that will get your new solution up and running as quickly as possible. 

If you want to learn more about our document management solutions—or any of our other business consulting services—contact us today. We’d love to show you all the ways we can help your team get on the same page. 



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