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Using Data to Save Lives

In 2014, Resultant and the State of Indiana’s Management and Performance Hub (MPH) partnered to tackle the important matter of infant mortality with advanced data analytics using data across the state to see new correlations and find root causes.

Together, Resultant and MPH developed an approach that included addressing data quality issues, preparing the data for analysis, developing novel methods for extracting predictive features from the data, analyzing the results, and developing insights into the factors of underlying infant mortality in Indiana. Despite both the large scope and high degree of complexity of the work, the project was successfully completed within eight months.

This project resulted in significant new insights about the underlying issues associated with infant mortality and morbidity, leading to action steps that will fundamentally improve future prenatal and infant care, along with the well-being of Indiana citizens.

We’re honored to have worked with the State of Indiana to provide tools and the opportunity to address the critical issue of infant mortality. Armed with the mathematical tools and insight that Resultant developed, the State of Indiana is prepared to positively impact infant mortality and morbidity rates—leading to a healthier Indiana.



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