Save Time! Take Advantage of the Alteryx Toolkit

In June, just before the Alteryx Inspire Conference, we officially launched our Resultant Toolkit for Alteryx. We wanted to remind they are out on our website and just how much time you can save creating workflows when you use these tools.

Instead of writing complex code or continuing to execute repetitive tasks, you can leverage any of these tools as a streamlined alternative. While these seven tools were part of the initial launch, we’ll continue to find more common use cases and create tools that help Alteryx users most. So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we always appreciate your input!

Each of the tools in the toolkit are easy to use, can be downloaded immediately, and inserted into your Alteryx workflows with just a few clicks.

The toolkit includes:

  • Complex XML Input — Reads XML file, parses the schema, derives key from the current depth, outputs the XML schema keys with information.
  • SQL Input — Functions as input, blocking input or batch tool, executes non-query SQL commands (UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE), optionally executes queries following non-query executions and returns execution stats, pass both DSN and Command in batch mode.
  • REST — Functions as a transformation tool which takes URL, headers, and JSON payload on the input data stream, enables access to APIs which require a p12 certificate for authentication.
  • sFTP — Functions as an input, blocking input or batch tool, enables sFTP function with RSA for authentication.
  • File System — Functions as an input, blocking input, or batch tool, enables file system functions such as (List, Move, Copy, Remove, Compress, Decompress) and also works with network UNC paths using network credentials.
  • AWS S3 Objects — Functions as an input, blocking input or batch tool. Enables access to S3 buckets via IAM credentials, S3 Object functions include LIST, UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD, COPY, MOVE.
  • Terminator — Functions as a gatekeeper to prevent a process from executing until a minimum amount of input records are present.

Need help with a tool? You can call a Resultant representative free of charge at any time. We can also provide additional documentation as requested.

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