Reducing the Effects of Ransomware with Data Governance

At Resultant we promote the ‘governance by design’ approach, which binds data governance to the ecosystem of digital risk management.

What does this mean?

Generally speaking, that data governance plays a big role in helping various other organizational functions fulfill their roles and responsibilities, accelerating delivery of initiatives, and reducing enterprise risk in a quantifiable way.

For example, did you ever think that data governance could help reduce the effects of ransomware? Really?

When we focus on the lifecycle management of data we see that data governance monitors and controls the health of the data as it traverses the stages ranging from capture or acquisition all the way to archival or disposal.

Along the way, there are storage and operational standards to follow, disaster recovery and business continuity controls to review regularly, and testing of archived data to perform periodically (to name a few).  This contributes to the health and maintenance of the valuation score of data sets.

Moreover, from an enterprise risk management perspective, even the data classification frameworks leveraged and the extent to which metadata standards have been implemented in an organization, go a long way in ensuring the ‘right amount of attention’ is placed on specific data environments.

Some of the most common effects of ransomware attacks are the discovery of failed backups, lack of quantification and qualification of the data compromised, as well as inappropriate security controls applied to the wrong data (the latter being less of a cybersecurity task and more of a data governance obligation).

What Can Data Governance Do?

Implementing data governance processes that address just these three areas, allow organizations to have a defensible position in the recovery of their data by finding themselves more in control of the consequences of the attack.

Last week, in an effort to raise this to the attention of our clients and prospects, we have partnered with a very reputable law firm to elaborate on this topic further, and create an educational series that will increase the visibility of how much data governance can help an organization.

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