Paola Saibene Talks Data Governance on Alation Data Radicals Podcast

If you say “data governance” in your organization, does it inspire a mad panic—something like the data equivalent of buying up all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer?

Few aspects of data systems can strike as much fear into the heart of an organization as this one, yet none is more necessary. That’s why it’s essential to use the right approach when talking about data governance inside your organization and in the execution of any changes you’re making to it.

Data Governance 101: All You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

One of Resultant Principal Consultant Paola Saibene’s superpowers—aside from living and breathing data governance—is using a Design Thinking approach to data governance, tying it to all relevant aspects of the business, and getting stakeholder buy-in from the outset. Recently, she joined other thought leaders to discuss data governance on Alation’s Data Radicals podcast.

Data governance is not something that makes most people just say, ‘Wow, I really want to do data governance today! I’m so excited about it!’ It doesn’t quite happen that way. Make sure you are conveying and providing clarity as to why it is propelling the organization forward.

– Paola Saibene, Principal Consultant, Resultant

Other guests in this episode include KIK Consulting President Bob Seiner, former Parexel CDO Michelle Hoiseth, Snowflake principal data strategist Jennifer Belissent, and former Tableau CDO Wendy Turner-Williams.

About Alation’s Data Radicals Podcast

Alation co-founder and CEO Satyen Sangani wants to empower a curious and rational world. He’s on a mission to fundamentally improve the way data consumers, creators, and stewards find, understand, and trust data.

This podcast seeks out thought leaders who approach problems with a curious and rational mind; those who think differently and encourage others to embrace data culture.

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