A Strategic Data Assessment Quickly Brings Value to a Global Biotechnology Company

If you can’t trust your reporting, functioning as an organization is a real challenge, and bringing your strategy to fruition is almost out of the question. Our global biotechnology client had been getting by during a period of profound growth and was spurred into action after a painful—and public—misreporting incident.

The data issues that had begun to form as growth skyrocketed had become all too apparent, and because the organization couldn’t be sure where and how deep its troubles lay, it brought in Resultant for a strategic data assessment.

When Deep Inquiry Meets Efficiency (aka Making the Most of 15 Minutes)

Our strategic data assessment evaluates nearly two dozen aspects of an enterprise, customizing research to the identified issues of the organization. Interviewing 10-15 people is customary for many firms, but we go deep into Design Thinking, in this case drawing input from 60 members of the company’s team. That level of detail enables us to move past perceptions of the issue to its root causes without being disruptive; expertly shaping our questions kept interviews to a firm and efficient 15-minute limit.

Our resulting 200-page report identified a clear road map for addressing the issues the organization faced and several routes for overcoming them. These reports are often a wake-up call and a starting point. Here, our report was an opportunity to shift the culture, and the organization’s data science leader took full advantage of it.

Quick Wins and a Phased Approach to Data Maturity

Our report provided 30 use cases, 25 projects, and three phases of a data-delivery strategy. The first phase, which included governance and maturity of the data, addressed most of the use cases. We provided myriad criteria and calculations across ten stages to ensure the organization could proceed in the manner and at the speed that would be least disruptive.

Phase 1 of implementation meant building a data governance program—putting in place everything they needed to discover and analyze the data. The client’s objectives were to:

  • Democratize data
  • Improve trust and reliability of data
  • Provide interoperability
  • Develop a data mesh for accelerated insights
  • Develop dynamic metadata to be used as a data fabric layer

And because they can go forward with the assurance that every detail has been considered, the path is especially clear, and they can execute much faster. They have the language and facts to bring executive leadership on board—all of which leads to efficient, effective implementation and quick ROI.

A Shifted Perspective

The assessment process provides a clear view of a company’s now—and its future. Although the particulars are never the same, the result almost always is: Clients begin to think differently about the possibilities that lie within their data.

In this case, the client was thrilled to move from not having the details it needed to being able to achieve instant, granular reports they could rely on. Their data is clean, collectible, and primed for analysis so they can execute real data science and achieve their objectives.

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