Teknion Data Solutions is now part of Resultant.

Learn more about how Teknion and Resultant now deliver people-first data and technology solutions together.

A New Era

More experts, more services, and greater possibility.

Teknion has joined forces with Resultant, and we couldn’t be happier about being able to offer more possibility, a greater range of services, and an even more expansive team of experts—each of whom has been serving clients with the same kind of humble confidence and devotion to problem-solving you’ve known from Teknion.

We look forward to collaborating on great work for clients in the years to come.

What's Next

The next chapter in the Teknion story.

Since 1999, Teknion has served clients with excellence and integrity to make great things possible for those clients. Ensuring data serves the people and organizations that need it depends on having a lot of expert team players behind you. As part of Resultant, the potential for Teknion becomes even greater—and at no cost to our clients and the problem solvers they’ve relied on.

We're two organizations that don't just complement but in many ways mirror each other—by putting people first, valuing service and humility, and being absolutely devoted to solving complex problems for clients. Resultant also has grown in a few additional directions from Teknion, offering technology, organizational change management, and certain data services that Teknion historically has not. Data solutions are more important than ever, and that’s going to be more true next year and the year after that.

About Resultant

Who is Resultant?

Founded in 2008 by a handful of dedicated problem solvers, Resultant is a modern data and technology consulting firm committed to putting people first and building solutions with clients rather than for them.

Now almost 500 employees strong, with offices in Indiana, Colorado, Georgia, Michigan, and Ohio and projects in process across the country, Resultant walks alongside clients to build innovative solutions through deep expertise, empathy, and experience. In collaboration with public and private sector clients like Denver Public Schools, Crew Carwash, Damar Services, Department of Health and Human Services, and IRS.

The Resultant team helps solve complex problems through digital transformation, technology, data analytics, application development, and financial performance services.

Take a look at some of the transformational projects Resultant has been a part of.

New Data Strategy Accompanies New Stadium for Texas Rangers

A lot goes into creating a memorable experience for fans, and most of it happens behind the scenes. Shifting their data strategy enabled the Texas Rangers to keep tabs on where the hot dogs might run out as well as critical details like medical response times to keep fans not just fed and happy but safe.

Dermira Leverages Business Intelligence to Gain Competitive Edge

Dermira purchased a business intelligence solution as they prepared to launch their first drug, QBREXZA, and engaged with a large pharmaceutical consulting company to create an initial set of reporting dashboards for their sales representatives. The dashboards fell short on speed and quality metrics and as a result had low field engagement.

Public Transit Client Matures Their Data Pipeline by Migrating Data Warehouse to the Cloud

A global leader in urban mobility technology approached Resultant for services including a Tableau Server assessment, recommendations, a production environment upgrade, and ongoing server maintenance and support.

Indiana Builds a Public Spending Dashboard to Continue Conversations about COVID-19 Federal Aid

Reaching decisions about funding allocation can be a challenging proposition under the best circumstances. For state departments of education juggling pandemic response in addition to ample everyday education challenges, forging a path for communicating with all stakeholders to maximize unprecedented federal funding is essential.

Damar Services Partners with Resultant as True IT Partner to Serve a Growing Number of Clients

Where caring for people with developmental disabilities is the focus, having to fight technology had created daunting frustrations for this imperative resource. Damar went looking for an IT managed services partnership that would support its strategic growth and put client care first.

Multisource Service Integration: Right-Sized Solutions for Complex City Challenges

In the past, city and county IT organizations often outsourced their tower services (help desk, desktop, applications, servers and storage, network, and cybersecurity) to a single managed services provider. But because technology changes rapidly, this inhibits their ability to access specialty skills that didn’t exist within the provider’s portfolio at the time of the contract.


Our mission is to help our clients, coworkers, and communities thrive—through these and other services.

  • Data Analytics

    Data starts as chaos and, in expert hands, becomes insight that solves problems, drives organizations forward, and makes life and work exponentially better.

  • Technology

    For the essential tools that power lives and business, a partner who starts with the humans behind the problems takes you further than you may have imagined.

  • Digital Transformation

    Moving your data and technology strategy forward, constantly, requires a new way of thinking and an accomplished partner adept in collaborating toward solutions.

  • Application Development

    Your answers should be unique to your people, processes, and strategy. Work with a partner who builds the customized solutions that help your organization thrive.

  • Financial Services

    Without a holistic view of your organization’s mission, progress stagnates. Through time-saving ERP solutions and meticulous Outsourced CIO input, your future comes into focus.

  • Software Enablement Services

    Your technology investment is only one step toward achieving the outcomes you want from your data. Quick wins and real progress come from getting your implementation off on the right track—and ensuring your teams are equipped to embrace the change.

  • Training

    Our training packages meet you where you are, offering support for initial setup, onboarding, achieving quick wins, or advancing your capabilities.

Building a data strategy takes careful planning. Not sure where to start? We outlined everything you need to know to dig in.


Find out how our team can help you achieve great outcomes.

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