Ryan Schebler

Ryan Schebler

EVP, Managed Services

Ryan Schebler has been immersed in technology and fascinated by its human impact since day one of his exceptional career. An experienced executive and industry thought leader, he’s helped clients achieve transformative change through IT strategy, professional services and consulting, infrastructure management, outsourcing, and on-demand services.  

In his EVP role, Schebler oversees Resultant’s Managed Services division. He brings more than 25 years of experience and an endless enthusiasm for innovation to ensure those departments collaboratively execute company strategy and achieve revenue goals. 

Quick Facts

  • Purdue University Bachelor of Science, Technology 
  • Purdue University Master of Business Administration 
  • Grew division sales from $200m to $1B while serving as Senior Vice President of Public Sector & Education for Atos

Favorite Resultant Value 

  • Thoughtful Collaboration