A CFO’s Guide: How Outsourced IT Can Make Your Business More Effective and Profitable

Outsourcing IT is one of the most effective ways to make your business more profitable. For a fixed monthly cost, your organization can add a whole suite of capabilities, from tier-1 helpdesk support to expert management of your servers, network, and data security. 

But it’s in “big picture” strategic support that the right partner can really shine. When you work with a managed services provider, you bring in a whole team of experts to analyze your systems and implement improvements. A proactive partner can help you reimagine how your organization employs technology in a more efficient and optimized way—one that supports your business strategy. 

Here are more reasons that outsourcing IT can boost your bottom line. 

How Outsourcing IT Keeps Your Labor Costs Low 

Few things change as quickly as technology. New tools and capabilities are constantly being developed, and if you want your in-house IT department to keep up, it means a major investment of money and time. When you outsource IT, however, you have experts right at your fingertips who are already skilled in whatever you need, from data security to cloud migrations to bleeding-edge technologies. 

Of course, you’ll also have the help you need for those day-to-day support calls, too. From simple tech support to large-scale software implementations, outsourced IT gives you access to exactly the skills that you need at a single fixed expense. 

Why Outsourcing IT Helps You Manage Your Costs 

For many organizations, the biggest hurdle to software implementations and upgrades is the added expense. Trying to choose between necessary technology changes and keeping costs under control is a situation no CFO wants to be in. 

Outsourcing your IT allows you build in a planned, monthly cost that won’t fluctuate when new projects arise. Instead, you can focus on getting your people the tools that they need right when they need them, without feeling the pinch in your budget. 

How Outsourcing IT Makes Your Business More Agile 

The speed of technology doesn’t just affect the cost of labor. Rapid changes have an impact on everything your business does. Whether you’re faced with an unexpected threat, a surprise opportunity, or a new capability that you’d like to add, your ability to respond quickly will keep you ahead of the pack. 

When you outsource your IT, you’ll have constant access to a partner adept in the newest technologies. Your organization will save time on research, development, and implementation – which will help you save on time and costs overall. Recruiting becomes easier when you can sell smart tools and processes alongside your mission, and fewer employees leave from frustration.  

Outsourcing IT Can Keep You Connected 

If you’ve ever dealt with a system outage, you know exactly how frustrating they are. It seems like everything grinds to a halt, from shipping and receiving to payroll to even simply answering email. 

Lost time is lost money and, with so many of your business functions running digitally, the expense of an outage is painful. But when you outsource your IT to the right partner, not only can they help you bounce back from outages faster, they can help you build better infrastructure to begin with. That way, you can keep your attention where it belongs: on helping your business succeed. 

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