A Day in the Life of a Resultant Project Manager

What a Resultant Project Manager Role Looks Like

Among those involved in supporting the Resultant mission are a multitude of Project Managers who plan and lead each project, doing whatever it takes to deliver value to clients and ensure successful outcomes. These Project Managers work with key internal and external stakeholders to set the vision, strategy, and goals of each project and then help drive their team to reach these goals.  

In essence, the buck stops with them. Project managers oversee the management of a project from the beginning to the end and are responsible for driving the success of each engagement.  They bring a wealth of experience to this position, often working on multiple projects simultaneously. Tasks include managing timelines and budgets to ensure smooth operations and efficient use of resources. 

Meet Tyler Wong, Resultant Senior Project Manager

Senior Project Manager Tyler Wong spends most days in meetings, communicating and collaborating with clients, team members, and other key stakeholders to keep projects on track. Tyler is tasked with driving and managing all elements related to the project. He also works to mediate complex technical and business discussions with clients and vendors.  

In addition to his traditional PM duties, Tyler recently became a Scrum Master as well.  

“This role [of Scrum Master] is a part of the agile project framework. It’s a role where essentially you are helping to ensure that framework is followed, you’re defending the development team, and working side by side with them to not only ensure project outcomes but also to facilitate their maturity and evolution.”  

Tyler is an example of a great Resultant team member who is dedicated to problem-solving and lifelong learning. As a modern consulting firm, our team believes solutions are more valuable, transformative, and meaningful when reached together. We pride ourselves on solving problems with our clients, rather than for them. 

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